Let It Bee


Year: 2021 Status: Prototype

I’ve always been very fond of bees and their way of living. Their social structure, their movements, the ways they communicate all contribute to light up my curiosity for such a little and yet unbelievably sophisticated insect. Bees are unconsciously essential to Man to the point that, scientists say, their disappearance would cause a crisis with unpredictable consequences on our society. Unfortunately this is already happening as it’s been shown that in some territories millions of bees die due to Man’s actions.

With the artwork “Let It Bee” I would like the viewer to enjoy a playful moment as well as to question whether bees are being treated fairly and with the respect they deserve. For this reason, in the interactive scene I mix them with gold colours as to strengthen the idea of how much value they really represent, or should represent, to us. Red petals are present too as to remind bee’s actual suffering. With this tribute to these magnificent pollinators I invite the viewers to have a very close encounter and interact using their hands to play with bees' movements and mesmerizing flight, see time slow down while a bee follows or just watch them all fly around.

Let It Bee is a real-time 3D application running on a computer built in a special metal and acrylic casing. It uses a sensor to track hands movements.

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