Riccardo Stecca Bassato

Interactive * Art *

I believe in new forms of art in which interaction plays a central role in embracing the viewers' presence to include them in the scenery, allow them to participate in the action and experience, for a fleeting moment, the events of another space-time with a brief bonding with its protagonists.
I enjoy seeing information, in its broadest meaning, come alive; be it emotions, facts, concepts or surreal subjects. I explore all art between the hand drawn sign and the algorithmic creations with a focus on the human/computer relationships and their artistic use.

Flying Jewel is my first interactive artwork which I conceived as a tribute to the stunning beauty and variety of dragonflies. Read more…

Admittedly, when I am coding algorithms, I can’t stay away from drawing, especially in those thinking gaps; and when I am drawing and sketching ideas, I can’t stay away from thinking in code and math. At some point I must surrender and let the two streams meet somewhere in the middle.

* Interactive is what reacts to an external activity in a dialogue made in mutual awareness.
* Art is skill applied to exalt a feeling, spark a reaction and communicate. Art is a conductor that connects the viewer with the unreachable. Art is often about beauty but can also be awful, cruel, dangerous. Sometimes intricate, somtimes straight forward, Art can be subtle, hidden in the fabric of creations.

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