Slackline in virtual reality


The project originated from a collaboration with Benjamin Kofler’s and Federico Modica, after they challenged themselves in another extreme slacklining on an iceberg situated in ____ (greenald?). Realer recreated the experience in VR to bring those emotions to you.

slackline vr Pro Winter Fair

We faithfully reproduced the iceberg and the environment, combined VR technology and balance detection algorithms to challenge people to walk on a rope, both in VR and in reality, while trying to keep cool despite in VR you’re about 80m above the ocean.

slackline vr whales

“It’s like the real thing” – Benjamin Kofler, slacklining champion

Pro Winter Fair, Bolzano (Bozen), Italy, February 2017
TEDx Bolzano (Bozen), Italy, October 2017
CeBIT 2018, Hannover, Germany, June 2018