Ethernal Fractal Totem

Fractal Totem

Fractals. One can only admire their intrinsic beauty for they represent one of the most popular ways to turn math into pleasing visuals. These mathematical creatures make many intriguing, mind blowing appearances in nature. There are several kinds of fractals that are characterized by the method used to generate them and one of the most notorious is without doubt the Julia Mandelbrot Set (find a Unity/shader implementation here) but it is far from being the only interesting example; for instance, using the self-similarity property of certain sequences of affine transformations obtained with a method called recursion (quite a ma(u)thful), amazing shapes can be generated. It’s easy to get lost in an endless search for the perfect flower and I’ll leave o it now. So…

I invite you to worship The Ethernal Fractal Totem.


Some comments from you:
“I could watch this forever”
“I can really see it working with sound”

Some browsers turned out to be slower than others. You may see some occasional jumps (frame drops for the techies).
Source Code will be available soon.