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UNotes: sticky notes for Unity 3D

UNotes is a lightweight productivity tool that helps you accelerate your workflow by bringing the power of sticky notes into Unity. A great, colorful way to keep track of your tasks. Stick a note on your game objects in the editor and type in your goals. See all of your notes in one place and go to the object they point to in one single click! Leaves no traces when you build. Continue reading


Color Bands

Unity 3D’s Gradient data type allows you to set maximum 8 color keys. ColorBand data type has a different editor that doesn’t suffer this limitation and is still easy to use. You can create your own ColorBands, store them and access them from code with an Evaluate method to get the color at time t, as for Gradient. RGB values are determined by curves, allowing a better control over how the color function evolves between your points. Color bands are used in all kinds of applications in data visualization and other fields.

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Exploding Asteroids Unity 3D

Exploding Asteroids

Nicely crafted asteroids just ready to go into pieces!

Prefabs and examples plus exhaustive documentation with short tutorials are included in the package.

Exploding Asteroids is a set of C# scripts that create an exploding effect from premade asteroids.
Unity physics are now supported so no coding is required. Alternatively, you can call the explode() method from your own scripts.
The main script will generate flying parts, generate dust, destroy the asteroid, animate dust and pieces and finally destroy them to free memory.
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ODYSSEY space atmospheres Unity 3D

ODYSSEY Space Atmosphere Pack for Unity 3D

Render nice space atmospheres with ODYSSEY: a pack of 35 atmospheric materials with shaders and textures.

Control complex transparencies and colors to obtain the best from your scenes in space.

Version 1.2 – Added a unique shader to create amazing light-independent coronas
BONUS: two planets with texture and normals. (FBX format)
Version 1.3 – Better control on alpha in both main shaders.

Examples and prefabs included Continue reading