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conquer and divide

Conquer and Divide: how social media platforms flipped the strategy for profit

You surely have heard the phrase “divide and conquer” (or “divide and rule”). Divide and conquer comes from the latin words “divide et impera” attributed to Philip II of Macedon but famously used by Julius Caesar, who used them to describe his main war strategy. Julius Caesar was in fact a master in dividing and ruling and, despite how much good his conquests brought is questionable, the ultimate goal was to unite all single states into one cohesive Republic. Continue reading


Embrional Code Injection in Unity and How to Use it to (Lazily) Initialize Disabled GameObjects

Disclaimer: this content is for advanced Unity developers.

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The Problem in One Sentence
You want to initialize some events (like a button’s OnClick) in an object that is not active and you banged your head against the fact that in Unity/C# you can access that UnityAction field but Unity will not call AddListener Continue reading

Slackline in virtual reality


The project originated from a collaboration with Benjamin Kofler’s and Federico Modica, after they challenged themselves in another extreme slacklining on an iceberg situated in ____ (greenald?). Realer recreated the experience in VR to bring those emotions to you. Continue reading

Ethernal Fractal Totem

Fractal Totem

Fractals. One can only admire their intrinsic beauty for they represent one of the most popular ways to turn math into pleasing visuals. These mathematical creatures make many intriguing, mind blowing appearances in nature. There are several kinds of fractals that are characterized by the method used to generate them and one of the most notorious is without doubt the Julia Mandelbrot Set (find a Unity/shader implementation here) but it is far from being the only interesting example; Continue reading

Cute Boids Feature Image

Cute Boids

Cute and playful are these boids. Because implementing algorithms correctly isn’t the only challenge, you also want that behaviour to convey some vibes and possibly make them look a bit alive. How can you make these minimal simulated flocking boids convey some idea of playfulness? As important as developing algorithms properly is to mix different behaviours and balance their parameters, which I leave to you to have fun with. Continue reading

Mandelbrot Julia

Unity Shaders Little Toys

Just a small but growing collection of little Unity toys with more or less typical mathematical tricks implemented in a fragment shader. What’s impressive is, as often happens in maths, the simplicity of most formulas when implemented. I’ve always found coding a really good way of understanding maths. I adapted these old snippets I made in Processing to ShaderLab/CG. I intentionally shared in their most basic form to leave room to creativity. Continue reading