The beautiful Coral scene

Interactive Aquarium – Deep Blue

Deep Blue is a highly interactive visual artwork where realism and interpretation work together to paint colourful moments of marine life. A variety of species react with individual behaviours and reactions to human presence to create a playful and communicative evolving continuum. Four different scenarios present peculiar visuals and interactivity to bring unique sensations to the viewer and suffuse the surrounding environment with a touch of underwater magic.

The project was started in June 2012 with a massive projected version for the San Borja Plaza shopping mall in Lima, Peru, which was installed, permanently, on December 11th 2012.

A new, reinterpreted version was then turned into the artwork that today is known as Deep Blue, produced in limited editions all signed by the artist Dominic Harris.

Artist: Dominic Harris / Cinimod Studio
Production: Cinimod Studio
Lead Software Developer, Modeling and Animation Supervisor: Riccardo Stecca / Cinimod Studio
Collaborator on Lima projection version: Claudia Paz Studio & ArquiLeds
For more information on the “Triptych Artwork” version of this project please visit the artist’s website

Interactive Aquarium – Lima version
3x Panasonic Projectors, 4x Thermal Cameras, Laser Finder, Custom Electronics & Software
Public Space
Projection Area 9m x 3.5m
Produced by Cinimod Studio

Deep Blue Interactive Aquarium
Edition of 10
3x LCD panels, Aluminium, 3d Camera, Custom Electronics & Software
1580 x 920 x 90 mm
Produced by Cinimod Studio

PAN Amsterdam 2012
Art Basel Miami 2012
Art Geneva Feb 2013
PAD Paris March 2013
Art Basel June 2013
Design Miami 2013
PAD London 2013
ART14 London 2014
Design Miami 2014
PAD London 2014