I am a creative, VR developer based in London, specialized in Human-Computer Interaction. After working as web developer and designer for some years, during and after the studies, in 2011 I moved to London to welcome a wider range of challenges and funnel my efforts to master the technologies that enable new experiences, especially those involving multidisciplinary skills like programming, design, graphics authoring and web development. I am currently focused mainly on orchestrating Unity 3D, C# and C++ to create architectural visualizations, software based interactive digital artworks and virtual reality experiences, mainly in Unity 3D.

After two wonderful years as lead software developer at Cinimod Studio, run by the artist/designer Dominic Harris, and after collaborations with several studios, including INITION and Wagstaffs Design, where I am still active, I started working as freelancer in interactive installations and virtual reality.

Grad.: Master’s Degree in IT at University of Ca’ Foscari, Venice.

Frequently used technologies:
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Leap Motion, Kinect, Xtion, Oculus Rift, Arduino, Raspberry PI, SICK Laser LMS100, 4D Systems Displays
C++, Unity 3D/C#, P5js, OpenNI

Riccardo Stecca 3D scan