“Hummingbird” is an artwork by Dominic Harris which captures a natural moment into an animated, interactive painting that engages the viewer into a deep, infinite journey through an evolving landscape inhabited by a playful hummingbird. The beauty and elegance of the artwork result from a blend of traditional Japanese look and modern real time visual effects where technology and art, style and realism are fused into a new, magic interpretation of nature.

The extraordinary complexity of hummingbird’s movements are synthesised into a system of animation and artificial intelligence that make the bird aware of the viewer’s presence, creating different behaviours and effects accordingly.

Artist: Dominic Harris
Lead Software Developer: Riccardo Stecca
Materials and building: Ben Gander

LCD Screen 16:4, Custom Electronics and Software, 3d Sensor, Computer, Acrylic, Aluminium
Produced by Cinimod Studio
Available through Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

The Salon: Art + Design NY – Nov 2014

Featured in The Gadget Man on September the 29th 2014
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