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Project Transition


Project transition combines virtual reality and advanced brain sensing technology to create a radical new approach to improving mindfulness and focus. An artfully crafted VR environment morphs along with your brain activity. When your mind wanders or your focus wanes, ethereal trees grow and move, the sun and rain shift, and a musical soundscape continually evolves – all as a reflection of your internal state. This is an experiment in how modern technology can help us to Continue reading

Math Haiku cover

Math Haiku

Math Haiku is a set of artistic creations that depict the delicate equilibrium between synthetic essence and beauty by using mathematical equations as a painting language. Lines of code as verses, generative algorithms as a form of poetry, crafted to escape the technical stillness and reach a superior level of meaning.

Inspired by a traditional form of Japanese poetry known as Haiku, always consisting of only three verses that describe a fleeting moment often involving nature, Math Haiku is a construction of a shape Continue reading



“Hummingbird” is an artwork by Dominic Harris which captures a natural moment into an animated, interactive painting that engages the viewer into a deep, infinite journey through an evolving landscape inhabited by a playful hummingbird. The beauty and elegance of the artwork result from a blend of traditional Japanese look and modern real time visual effects where technology and art, style and realism are fused into a new, magic interpretation of nature.
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Exploding Asteroids Unity 3D

Exploding Asteroids

Nicely crafted asteroids just ready to go into pieces!

Prefabs and examples plus exhaustive documentation with short tutorials are included in the package.

Exploding Asteroids is a set of C# scripts that create an exploding effect from premade asteroids.
Unity physics are now supported so no coding is required. Alternatively, you can call the explode() method from your own scripts.
The main script will generate flying parts, generate dust, destroy the asteroid, animate dust and pieces and finally destroy them to free memory.
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Tangible Interface

Mapping Physical Objects to Digital Functions: A Tangible Interface for Querying and Navigating a Multimedia Database (PDF available)

In this work we propose a set of guidelines for tangible interfaces (TUI) for mapping physical objects and digital functions. These guidelines emphasize an aspect that has been only partly analyzed so far in TUI research: the role of the object shape as a means for suggesting how to manipulate the artifacts. The peculiarity of the proposal – general enough to be used for different application domains – is the mapping to discrete and continuous digital functions Continue reading

Who is Wizard Zurlino

Querying and Navigating a Database of Images With the Magical Objects of the Wizard Zurlino (PDF available)

This work is part of a research targeted at experimenting the use of physical artifacts for the retrieval of multimedia information. Tangible interfaces, that couple physical artifacts to digital data, are described in different research works, and a number of studies focus on tangibles for children. In spite of that, most of the work done for the kids is related to gaming or learning. This work is focused on a less explored domain Continue reading